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GOSM Baby Backs. Any Thoughts??

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I'm looking to do some BB's on the Big Block.  And I'm leaning toward doing them unwrapped and spritz every hour or so, like uncle_lar does it (nice lookin' ribs).  I hear 210-220* is a good smoking temp.


Any thoughts from the experts???

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210-225 for 6 hours or until doneness works great. I did 3 racks like this, almost 6 hours on the dot, no foil, mop after 2 hours, then once an hour.



My new rib check is to pick them up with tongs, about 4-5 bones in. When they bend and just about look like they are going to break, they are done (for me). This gets me a fall off the bone done ness, but yet still some nice tender chew. I can even get a bit mark in the meat without the meat falling off, but easily pull the meat off if I want.

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Thanks for the help.  Much appreciated!!!  Qview after the 4th....

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The last rack of BB's I did were not foiled, and they were done in 5 hours. I was smoking at 225° with a full water pan, and I used 3 chunks of cherry wood. So check them at the 5 hour window, to see if they are how you like them done. It;s all good my friend.

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