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first turkey on my new wsm

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Could not wait to try this !! This as easy as my Masterbuilt!!!

Brined the turkey about 18 hours and put it on about 8:30 this morning.

Holding 275 steady as a rock to get a good crisp skin .Going to check it soon to see how that's going

As soon as i see trhe skin crisping up ,I'm going to bump the temp back to 250

till its done by temp.turkey 006.JPGturkey 008.JPGturkey 001.JPG

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Great looking bird !!! Love to see turkeys getting done other than the thanksgiving day stuff...They are great smoked, not sure why so many people wait until the holidays to cook them...I did one yesterday and am eating a turkey sammich as we speak


P.S. If u brush some EVO on the skin at or near the begining and crank up the heat to around 325 , u will get crispy skin...

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Looks like a good start!! I like the high heat on poultry and usually smoke it at 300+ for the crispy skin

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yes it is a good thing to see folks here smoking turkeys. Now they are really good for sammies and just plain good meals too. I love them and you will too there Dave and you are well on to your way to a fantastic meal too.

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My Turkey is just about to go on my GOSM. I'll upload the pics as soon as its done. 

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turkey done 003.JPGDone after 5 hours


great flavor

skin came out crispy

and wife says we are doing another

next weekend!!!

and wsm worked as easy as my electic smoker

and I'm sure it's getting a break for a while after using the wsm!!!

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And thank you Pineywoods ,it was from your posts about the higher

temps that helped me get the crispy skin!

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Way to go Jerry !!  

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Nice looking bird! Glad to hear you like the WSM.... they do spoil you in a hurry.

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