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Another Breakfast Fattie

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I made a breakfast fattie...
for the filling I fried some cubed potatoes, ham and onions then cooled and added cheese...

I used my fattie piston, stuffed and cooled the filling..

wrapped in a bacon weave..

onto the Memphis Pro at 375 with some apple...

I was able to get the bacon crisp in the Pro....

I topped a waffle with a slice of the ham, potato, onion, cheese stuffed fattie..

then added a poached egg and some creamy pepper gravy...

I liked the potato, ham, onion and cheese filling... it was tasty!

Thanks for checking out my breakfast.
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Looks Great, it has an awesome smoke ring and looks extremely juicy...

Yummy looking' eats

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Thank you Geert!  It was tasty... I definately couldn't eat it all. 

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Now that's is awesome there Jeanie. Then just another very nice meal that you have fixed us here. You sure do take some good photos too, I think I just chipped a tooth tiring to bite into the fattie. Then the whole eggs Benedict thingy going on there too.

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Wow Jeanie !! I bet it taste as good as it looks,,,, Your presentation on your plated pics are as always, out of this world !!!

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OMG! that looks so good. I love the benedict on a waffle Idea. Absolutely fantastic!

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Good Lord that looks good!  Where do you come up with all these delicious looking recipes?


You must have a fantastic imagination. I can't think of a better substitute for hollandaise sauce than a savory pepper gravy!





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Will you marry me now

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

Will you marry me now

Where is my gun..

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Wow, that really looks amazing. this may be fatty number 2 for me. thanks for sharing

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Wow...do we have a wiki on the fatty piston yet!  I want to make one of those!


Thanks for the QView...that made my day.

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Just got home and now I want breakfast.

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Thank you so much Mark, Mike, Hernando, Bill...

Terry...you've almost convinced me.. lol

Mike..too funny!

Thank you Warren, Mike and Meateater!


Bill, did you know you can make tortillas with a drill press... lol  I have the proof.


Mike, I will see about making a piston wiki.. thanks!


Thanks friends, it was tasty!

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Loving the fatty piston, Jeanne! Glad to see the post, and step-by-step, as always. Happy smokes to ya!

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I'm gettin fat looking at these things!

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Wow that looks so good, I am starved

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Good ole' fatty piston!!! Looks great!

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I would love to see the tortillas via the drill press!!!!


Oddly enough, I'm into the weird and wonderful!!!!!


Go figure, a southern boy who loves food, willing to try (almost) anything!


I think I'm in love!!!!........LOL

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Can I come over for Breakfast!!! That looks so good I'll be Drooling in my sleep. Thanks for sharing.

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Jeanie.... as always your food looks awesome! Love the fatty benedict idea!

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