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Blasphemy!!! Another Brisket Breakdown

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I apologize for posting another forum's tutorial on this, but it is pretty imformative. Cast me out to sea if you must, but here is a pretty good Brisket breakdown:
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Thanks ,I tried a brisket once didn' work so good but I'm thinking of giving it another try.this will help biggrin.gif
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Hey there Climber why don't you use this thread on "how to smoke a brisket" for it's from here and I'm kind of loyal to this site and I think that we can smoke a damn good brisket too.
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Nothing against this awesome forum, as it is where I always come for great ideas for smoking, but the link the OP posted is a much better link for the beginners (Then the one posted above) since there are many many pics to help with all the questions that arise. I know for me, pics are definitely worth 1000 words or more.

The only thing I did not like about the OP's link, is the author states do not worry about internal temp. Thats kind of scary for new smokers, lol. But it was an excellent tutorial with excellent pics.
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Nothing wrong with loyalty but there's lots of good info that thread.

Well, it's not that much different than doing ribs by feel and not temp.

By the time they are "done" and tender, they are WAY past safe eating temps -- assuming the Four Hour Rule was not violated.

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