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Ribs in a can

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Yea I don't know about this idea. I think I will stick to my own.
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Some things are just wrong and pork out of a can is one of them unless its pork and beans biggrin.gif
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I thought Spam was the only pork in a can. lol
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only one thing to say...

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What he said goes for me too. Now I'm sending Gloria for some pork and beans... in the can.
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They fooled you into thinking that stuff is pork biggrin.gif
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That is just sooooo wrong on soooo many levels!!! When I first saw the thread title, "Ribs from a Can" I thought that it was going to ribs out of another trash can smoker!
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This is truly what went through my mind: "Uh, no"
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I don't think so!!
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Good find lol mmm canned ribs "its whats for dinner!!!"
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I thought that looked like an old picture

"Once upon a time, my father, a rib fanatic, thought he had found his dream product. Armour (I think) introduced BBQ ribs in a can. They were rolled like an ammo belt and put in a round can. He proudly brought these home and we all tried them. The entire family was laid out ill for 36 hours. So we sent a little note to Armour saying there may have been a problem. We were rewarded with another can of ribs. Same results. Haven't seen this product since. This was circa 1963 or 64 as best I can recall. Mostly I recall the end result of consumption. On another note, I was happy to see the canned steak and kidney pie on the museum website. I worked in a grocery store in Evanston in the early 70's. We had some of these on the bottom shelf of the prepared food area (right below the Broadcast Corned Beef Hash). In the four years I worked there not one moved. I was always curious about them, but never courageous enough to try one. Just another potted meat memory. . . .

Dan Apr 24, 2003 04:25PM "
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They must be out their fin minds!
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I agree with Dutch to the infinite detail. This is wrong in many many ways and I don't know if this should be allowed to be made, used and most of all for sale. but I wonder if they are any good...........

Just kidding
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