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Fire Grilled Carne Asada Tacos W/ Homemade Tortillas

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Last night we decided to have carne asada tacos. As the missus left for the store to get some supplies, I suggested we try and make our own tortillas. So, she bought some pre-made masa dough and a cast iron tortilla press from the Mexican market and we're in business!

I fired up the Kingsford Oval for my usual smoky reverse sear, with a few chunks of oak on the hot coals:

After the meat was cooked, I pulled it, along with the crispy onions I carefully grilled without burning too much:

And finally, here's two plated tacos on the fresh tortillas along with a few slices of colby jack/poblano quesadilla:

The tortillas has a nice crisp texture on the outside, yet were puffy and light on the inside. They were amazing, and I don't think we'll ever use store bought tortillas for tacos again!
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very nice!! I've been wanting to do that for a LOOOOOOng timepoints.gif
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That looks outstanding nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice, real nice, Id eat a few of thoses tacos(and pieces of quesadilla for sure).
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Encino man, put me on your : Do Call List". Excellent tacos my friend.
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Man oh Man those look good since we have fajitas last night for dinner. But mine didn't look that good thou. It was just a package stuff we picked up from the store.
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Another one for my list. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks good.....seems like ya got some extra tortillas left over too.
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I regret not living in the vicinity
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Those look great Mooseman - Be sure to give me a call for the next one

Those are not leftovers - they are mine!! LOL
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I love Mexican food, good looking grub ya got there MooseMan, I just finished off a pan of enchiladas yesterday, your photo makes me want to cook some more Mexican tonight.

treegje, don't let not living in the "vicinity" stop you, you've overcome so many BBQing obstacles already, for corn tortillas order 'Masa Harina' on line, for flour tortillas you can use 'farine sans levure' build or buy a tortilla press and voila, Mexican, you will love it and it is sooo simple.

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