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Smoked brisket ,Pastrami and abts

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I may have posted something about this smoke w/o pics. But here it is w/ qview.
Bought a corn beef and a full packer from sams club.
Had to be one of the best briskets i've found.
Soaked the corn beef for 3 hours ,changing the cold water every 30 mins to cut down on the salt. put a heavy coat of CBP and corriander on the corn Beef.

Back into the fridge for an overnight rest. Sun. morning fired up (plugged in ) the mes and set it for 235degrees made the abts. And when mes was up to temp loaded it up. smoked at 235 for 8 hrs on the strami and 12 hrs on the brisket useing pecan chips w/ a palmfull of mesquite every other time i added chips. internal on the strami was around 165 when i puleed ,wrapped and rested. Let the brisket go to 190, No foil .wrapped in foil and towels and rested in an ice chest for 2 hrs. Sliced the strami first for sammis and to freeze some for later. Pre slicing pics and post slicing

Dang it! Not a speck left for the freezer. everybody ate it as soon as itook the pic.
Sliced the brisket and everyone tried it and said it was great . (they were full from eating all my strami)

Also smoked a pan of abts and some green onion sausage for snacks.

All in all a great smoke and ev1 left w/ full bellies and smiles on their faces.
Forgot to add that i steamed the strami for over 2 hours and let cool b4 slicing
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now I need to go eat lunch that looks good
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifGreat looking smoke !
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Nice work Bob. I did a couple of pastrami's my self this weekend. I'm getting addicted to that stuff for lunches at work.
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Looks great and I'm sure tasted even better
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