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Meat Bob.... Bob the Brisket.....

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OK... so my wife's graduating from Portland State with her Bachelor's and Teaching degree in a couple of weeks, and I am planning on doing a BBQ for family, friends, and well wishers. I am doing pulled pork sammy's on potato rolls, baked beans, slaw..... and decided to do a brisket as well.

Well I have never done a brisket, so I figure I had better get some "practice" in... biggrin.gif

Picked up a 11.3 lb. full packer from Cash & Carry $1.75 per/lb, just under $20. Trimmed some of the heavy fat deposits down a bit to get it more uniform. Rubed with salt (not much), fresh cracked pepper (lots!), little bit of garlic powder, onion powder, dry mustard, paprika, a smidge of cummin, cayenne pepper, and crushed red chili flakes. Took a taste and was a tad on the spicy side, so added about 2 table spoons of brown sugar.... tasted again... perfect!

Soooo..... Bob got a nice massage with the rub and will spend the next 6 hrs. "chillin" in the box. biggrin.gif

Unbeknowns't to Bob.... the natives a planning a ritual sacrafice to the Great God of Smoke! WSM be his name!

...... tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of "Bob vs. the volcano!" icon_cool.gif
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looking forward to the sequel!
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PDT_Armataz_01_19.gifPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif OH NO THEY KILLED BOB PDT_Armataz_01_19.gifPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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"my wife's graduating from Portland State with her Bachelor's and Teaching degree" congrats on the school... we need more good people in the school system.
Now the practice on the meat looks like you are doing great...
Want to see the sacrifice in detail...LOL
good work so far...
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OK... so at 2:00 AM the "natives" rousted themself for the sneak attack.

Lucky for me the "guard dog" was out of order... heh-heh biggrin.gif

Pulled "Brisket Bob" out for a look.... looked cold, better think of a way to warm him up!

Fire looks cool at night! biggrin.gif

sooo.... it is now 12:33 in the afternoon, the WSM has been running about 9 1/2 hrs at 200 on the lid temp. Checked the coals, still got about 1/2 left, had to refill the water pan. "Bob" hit the stall at 165° around 9:00 AM, hopefully it will only last another couple of hours.... but we will see! biggrin.gif

More to follow!
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WOOT!.... think I am through the stall... just went to check it and it was up to 171°.
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Ahh the all nighter Brisket! A no better sacrifice to the gods of smoke.
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My name is Bob, i have it copywrited, Only thing i allow my name to be used for is B.O.B. (ask the wife) .
JUST KIDDING !!! Welcome to our happy family and hope ya enjoy our craziness.
You can find out allmost anything here.
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Well at least Bob had some good company. You made it thou the stall always a good thing now you are ready for the finale. You might oto to get out some treats for the guard dog for he will be raising in a short time. Oh yea it's five some where too.
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In the home streach!

Got internal temp up to 180°, decided Bob needed to sweat off some of those good juices.... so he got a tinfoil sauna all to himself (foiled the top tight). First good look (and a nibble!) biggrin.gif

Other guard dog eagerly anticipating Bob's arrival..... I get the feeling if anybody ever breaks into my house their biggest obsticle will be stepping over the dogs.... lol.

Took the internal up to 190°, removed from foil pan, and removed the point for burnt ends. Rest got wrapped in foil, towels and put in cooler for a couple of hours. Not sure if I did the point cut correctly.... PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Burnt ends to be.... tossed with sauce and put back on smoker for a while.... can't wait! Nibbled a couple of pieces and it is soooo good! Fork tender, nice little bite of pepper, not at all salty, and you can really taste the beef!
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Still looking good from this end! Burnt ends are man candy from heaven. yummmm
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LOL... will have to remember to ask the wife how she likes my "man candy"! She'll either look confused or slug me..... biggrin.gif
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Looks great, lots of juice, and it looks like nice bark. Ya just gota love the tid-bits to snack on. Thats why when its time to eat I have to pass cause I'm already full.

Thanks for the wonderful view. And I wouldn't worry to much about the dogs not getting up. When the burglar falls down and is looking eye to eye he's not going to know if the dog is nice or not. Probably won't hang out to find out.

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Great looking brisket, I think ya got it. P.s. I have the same problem with the burglar alarm. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Thank you all for the great feedback and compliments! biggrin.gif Hopefully get it all plated up in another 45 min. or so. Made a thin finishing sauce out of 1 part Sweet Baby Rays, 1 part katschup, 1 part cider vinegar, 1 part apple juice, some red pepper flakes, and 1/4 C. brown sugar. Has a nice twang to it, but isn't real sweet - think it will go real nice with the beef.

Does anybody have any pictures of removing the point? I tried to find some good examples on the web, but a lot of it was kinda vague... lol.
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Looks like some good grub.
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OK... and finally the plating!

First up was the "Man Candy" (as FourthWind put it biggrin.gif).... burnt ends are now my favorite guilty pleasure!

After brisket had rested for 2 hrs. in the cooler I sliced it and put it in a pan with the warm ajus drippings poured over the top.

A little plate of heaven! R.I.P. Bob! Your sacrifice will not go unappreciated!

Oh... and on a side note you will be happy to hear that after a liberal application of trimmings both "guard" dogs are alert and focused.... heh-heh.

All-in-all I would call my first brisket a sucess! Bout the only thing I might do a tad differant is to add a little more salt and pepper to the rub... not much just a table spoon or so. Thanks for following along.... almost time to slip into a beef induced coma and sleep till morning! biggrin.gif
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This was an excellent bedtime story for my belly. I will sleep WELL tonight!
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Oh man those burnt ends look damn good!
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Very nice! Glad your pups are back on duty!
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