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Tenderizing Steak

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I know this has nothing to do with smoking meat, but I really trust the expertise of this forum

What does everyone think about salting the steaks with kosher salt for up to an hour then rinsing and patting dry before searing?

Has anyone tried this?
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Someone had a post on this last week. Salt to taste AFTER cooking. Sea salt is mt favorite. Pepper is a different story.

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Yes I have done this and it works guite well. You can't use table salt though. After I rinse I add whatever seasonings I want, execpt salt, which I add after I taste.
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I have made several posts doing it, works good on less tender steaks.
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Now I always buy a rib eye steak so it's already tender and I have to watch some of my salt intake so I salt to taste after grilling/smoking. But I do use Kosher salt I like it better for the pieces are larger and more tastey.
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I dont know if I would add salt that far in advance of cooking, it might draw alot of the moisture out of the meat.

A good marinade will help tenderize steak, especially one with acid as a component eg:(balsamic vinegar, etc.)

with the above said I typically only buy prime beef that doesnt need any help.
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Here is the step by step of the method and how it works.
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That's exactly where I got the idea from.

I am definitely gonna try it tomorrow.
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Reminds me of the "Hobo Steak" my bro and i have been talking about trying that...
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i grill lots of steak. salting that far in advance will bleed out your steak.with any good steak salt pepper and garlic right before grilling.also alwoys take out of fridge before starting your fire.
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I have experienced moisture drawn out of meat, so I would watch on how long it is salted before being cooked.
The marinade you mentioned with vinegar is very much like an adobo, works great on tougher cuts. That I can deal with at ease.
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