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Big Group Cole Slaw Question.

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I've got an event coming up and I want to be ready to serve 300 people pulled pork sandwiches with a side of beans and slaw. I figure 1/4 lb each for pork, beans, and slaw.

How many heads of cabbage would it take to make 75lbs of slaw? One esitmate I came up with was 30 heads green cabbage and 8 heads red cabbage. Does that sound right? Seems like it'll be way too much. If it's right, I need to get an order in now. Event is in 2 weeks.
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Maybe I am doing my math wrong but based on the avg weight of a cabbagge head (3-4 #'s) this will give you 456 servings at a 1/4 lb.

to serve closer to 300 servings@ .25 lb, you will need around 25 heads of cabbage (total) I would throw in an extra one or two heads. so you could go 22 Grn and 5 red.

Keep in mind, this doesn't inc. the weight of you wets. So you may not even need that much.

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Another thing to consider is if you are adding anything like carrots or any other items to the slaw - I served large groups before and one suggestion I have for you is to break it up into containers to serve 40 to 50 at a time
and only dress it when you put it out so it does not get soggy

Good luck with the gig
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Hang on there I need....... I tired to do the math and I ran out of fingers and toes can I see yours too.......
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Let me get this straight, you're asking to see the finger on an internet discussion board? Be careful what you ask for. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Sorry, just my sick sense of humor.
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