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boneless skinless chicken breast - need ideas

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I am constantly cooking these and need some new ideas or maybe how to cook them. After reading the burger thread I figured there must be a better way.

any ideas or info
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Pound them flat and layer cheese and ham then roll up and smoke. Or Stuff them.

You could also marinade them in different things like Teriyaki, Italian Dressing, Some kind of citrus, or some spicy Asian sauce.
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Inject them w/ some creole butter or Yoshidas
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Wrap them with bacon everything is better with bacon biggrin.gif
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icon_mrgreen.gif bacon, yes bacon icon_mrgreen.gif
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what is yoshida

I like the bacon idea and the pound flat and roll them up also

thanks for the ideas
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Forget boneless/skinless breasts.

Use thighs instead.
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what is the advantage of thighs
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They're much tastier & juicier IMO.

Cook up some skinless thighs and some breasts, I think you'll agree with me.
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Try these out for size...mucho tasty eats...

Lemon/Butter basted cold smoked & seared:

Lemon/Pepper seasoned cold smoked & seared:

You could go straight grilled or hot smoked...the cold smoked and seared just happens to be my favorite method for smaller cuts...a little extra smoky goodness with a faster cook than hot smoked, and you get a crispy skin (if present).

Enjoy brother!

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Marinade is good PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Injection is good PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif BACON IS GOOD!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifbiggrin.gif

Just play man, play....get the stuff you like, and PLAY...you'll find your favorite and a few 2ndary favorites you will go back to.
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Mad Hunky Rub, Smoke, shred or pull, vacuum pack with some olive oil.
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Brine them, at least overnight. I smoked & bbq some, and accidently left them in the brine a little over two days, the were so juicy, and good.
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Also, If you decide you want the breast, do not buy skinless. I repeat "DO NOT BUY SKINLESS"

Chicken is a wonderful thing, the meat does not absorb fat. So, what you do is buy regular chicken breast, then pull the skin off after it's cooked. You'll find it's a heck of a lot cheaper, and a heck of a lot tastier. Same thing works for turkey.
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Experimentation is what smoking is all about. Once you put different things together, you might accidentally stumble on to a creative find. Let your taste buds to the walking. Good Luck.

+2 Rip off that skin when done. The skin helps the breast keep it's moisture but does not cook so well on low temps.
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+1 on the bacon. Cut them in cubes, wrap with bacon and make kabobs out of them. I use the thick ends for that and save the thin ends to fry like fish fillets. My girlfriend is a chicken freak, so I have to get creative.icon_cool.gif
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Pound them flat, wrap a couple of spears of asparagus up in them, then wrap the outside with prosciutto (sp?), smoke for a while, then about 15 minutes before they are done put a slice of provolone cheese on top. I like to drizzle the top with a mustard cream sauce - kinda like an alfredo, but with a couple of tablespoons of dijon mustard added.
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tried this once and really enjoyed it

pound out breast placed stove top stuffing and bacon onit

rolled it up put a little italian dressing baste
cook and eat simple and tasty
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+1 on that. I get bonein breasts on sale sometime for .69 a pound and stock up. I'll brine them and fill the UDS to the max capacity and then pull them, very moist.
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thanks for all the ideas, going to try the brine and the baste recipe also

would you use kosher salt for the brine - i would think a quart of water would be enough, how much salt would you add to one quart of water

thanks again
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