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Maverick ET-8?

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Anyone know if this is very good? I am looking at one on ebay,
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That is a single probe, not that good. I would look at et7 or et73 at they are both 2 probe units.
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Ron is right on.

I'm using a dual probe Maverick. I love it. Since I now cook on a treager, I don't have to worry about the smoke chamber temp so I'm buying another meat probe so I can monitor two Butt's, birds etc. at the same time.
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Are those infrared thermometers any good?
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There is nothing wrong with an ET-8
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Has anyone on here ever use a refurbished thermometer? I found a Maverick ET-7 Wireless Thermometer w/2 Probes for about $25
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I think I paid 34.95 at Amazon new.
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If you decide to go with a refurbished, make sure there is a return policy. Upon receipt of the unit, run a quick calibration test (just like you would do with a new unit) and if it calibrates correctly, you should be set. If not, return the sucker and ask for your money back.
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