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Fuel for Smoking

Poll Results: What is your preferred fuel for smoking?

  • 8% (15)
    Gas (or propane) + Wood
  • 1% (3)
    Gas (or propane) + Wood + Charcoal (to supplement wood)
  • 25% (46)
    Charcoal + Wood
  • 39% (72)
    Lump Charcoal + Wood
  • 3% (6)
    Lump Charcoal Only
  • 11% (21)
    Wood Only
  • 7% (14)
    Electricity + Wood
  • 3% (7)
    Electricity + Wood + Charcoal (to supplement wood)
184 Total Votes  
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Hi everyone... I'm trying to guage the best or most commonly used practices for fuel used in smoking. This is more just out of curiousity and to get a feel for the general composition of this crowd.

Thanks for participating!
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RO lump as the main fuel, Wood chunks for the flavor.
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Maple Leaf or Basques lump with hunks of wood for extra flavour. Once in a while I'll do something on my gasser with maple wood chips in the smoker box.
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I choose Charcoal + Wood but tend to mix it up. I like using pure wood but I do go through a good amount making the coals and heck making a fire is fun. The price of lump is a bit high in this area and I only like lump that is real wood and not scraps of construction material. So over all I would say Wood>Charcoal + Wood>Lump + Wood.
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I have found that for my UDS RO lump works the best, lasts the longest, is easiest to control the temps, and has the least amount of ash. A 10 lb bag seems to last twice as long as a bag of Kingsford.
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What he said. With cherry being my all-around wood...maybe some oak or hickory added in depending on whats smokin.
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Electricity and wood chunks - Apple - Pecan - Cherry - Hickory so far
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i havent done much smoking be for but what i have done was elec/wood chips. i have an old lil chief and have only tried hickory and applewood.
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RO lump plus wood. Usually Pecan, sometimes Hickory.
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Drewsky(sure that's not Brewsky?),,,,,,,,,,,,;}-

I use ONLY wood. And what Is left after a cook is placed in a place it's own and I use it for my lump cache.Cheaper and I don't get a bag of dust!!!And charcoal brickettes-'forget about it'.I have to breathe Petrol -by- products, I don't want to have to eat them too!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Electricity and wood chunks, along with charcoal for that little bit more of a smoke-ring I sometimes get is what I prefer most of the time.
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I like burning all wood the best. Second would be briquettes and wood in the WSM.
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I am a charcoal & lump man. The wood is for the smokey flavor.
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Electric with lump, and wood chunks as needed for smoke.
Convenient and gives great flavor and smoke ring.
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I use Kingsford Comp and wood in the UDS and propane and wood in the SnP.

Although I may have to do a charcoal smoke in the SnP one of these days for old times sake. icon_mrgreen.gif

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Charcoal and walnut works for us...
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I always run straight wood, sometimes use a chimney of lump to get things go'n. I also burn wood in my WSM, just gotta chunk it up more, but works great.
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to bad I can not vote twice, I have a propane smoker at my house, but at my sons house a charcoal smoker
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Start off with white oak and then mix oak and hickory
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I'm a lump and wood chunk kind of gal if we are talking about the Egg. When it comes to the Klose it's all wood.
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