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Who would have thunk that boiling water has been around for 100 yrs. 


But in all seriousness, I have boiled ribs numerous times and everyone absolutely loves them. But I cut the rack in half, season the ribs really well, put in the pot, add a little crab boil and a large sliced onion. I then boil for about an hour or so until I get pull back. Then I put them on the smoker pit for about 30-45 minutes with some good smoke from an all wood fire. I then baste them with BBQ sauce and about 10 minutes later I move them over the heat to add just a little bark. They come out awesome. Way better than any bbq restaurant that I've been to. I have tried the 221 method and my parents loved them, but I had just had jaw surgery so I couldn't have any for comparison. but I will do the 221 method again, but no matter how good they are, I wont throw out my boiling method for a quick batch cuz they come out awesome as well

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C'mon, I used to like C-Rations---"Especially Ham with Water Added". It beat Heck out of Army Mess Hall food!




I'm willing to bet that even the Vienna suasage in C's was better

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I'm willing to bet that even the Vienna suasage in C's was better



Hmmmm, I can't remember Vienna sausages in Cs, but that was 41 years ago. I know I bought a lot of little cans of Vienna Sausages at the PX. All I can recollect in the Cs was "Ham with Water Added", "Beef Steak & Potatoes", Cookies that you could use as weapons, Chocolate that would give me the runs (which is probably why there was toilet paper included), little packs of cigarettes, and included in each case of Cs was the trusted little P-38. I still have a P-38 on my key ring for emergencies (pokes a hole in my leg now and then, just to let me know it's still there). Everybody in my outfit had a little home made wire stand to hold your C-Ration can in, so you could light a little piece of C-4 under it to heat your Dinner up in a hurry. 




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Ham & limas?  Scrambled (green) eggs w/ ham?

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Still can't remember the Ham & Limas, but now I remember the Scrambled (green) eggs w/ham.


I've been told MREs are better, but I don't know that for a fact.




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