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First Ribs on New MES...

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The first things we smoked on the New MES was 2 chuckies and 2 Racks of Ribs.

The first few smokes are not going to be anything but bare smokes, just the basics, just seasoned meat, no foiling, brining, etc.

Here is the qview of the Ribs:

9# of Ribs.

They were nice ribs with lots of meat.

Rack #1: Coated with Yoshidas and some Rub I got in an exchange with GOT14U

Rack #2: Coated with Mustard and Wizzys Rub

In Smoker

Finished Ribs. (Blur in Center caused by wife touching center of lens with greasy finger. >$< )

Finished Ribs. (Think I screwed up and took a pic of same rack twice. #:T )
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Great job

Mighty tasty looking ribs, points.gif
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Yes those are some mighty tastey looking ribs there Paul. They look good until I saw that bottle of Yo****ia's.
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They were melt in your mouth tender... I really like the Yoshidas, my favoritte is the Cracked Pepper and Garlic. I guess it is like anything else, some like it some don't... That is the beauty of our country, Freedom of Choice...
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Here is the second rack which I didn't post in the first post of this thread...

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Nice looking ribs there Paul. Another Yoshidas fan!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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