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First Chucky, and chicken with Qview

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I decided to jump on the chuckie bandwagon and I am glad I did!!

Up early today! Injected the chuckies with beef broth, Dales, and coarse pepper the night before.

My assistant agrees that this meat is ready to go into the smoke! Beef is rubbed with Traegers Prime Rib Rub. The chicken has EVOO, McCormick poultry seasoning, and paprika. The butt cans have Dr. Pepper with some garlic salt, poultry seasoning and coarse pepper added.

90 minutes into the smoke. I used pecan chunks from Gander Mountain. Temp was maintained at 230-250.

The chickens are ready.

Sliced chicken.

And a Chuckie! Was tender and juicy. It was favorably compared to brisket. I don't think we have enough left to make a sandwich!! I chose to pull it early enough to slice instead of pull. I put the foiled chuckies in the cooler with towels until the chicken was ready.
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WOW both looked great well done
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If your assistant doesn't mind, I would like to have a plate sent to me. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThose birds look as if they are dancing in the smoker.
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Yes sir that some mighty fine look BBQ you have there now. How does your helper like it. Now that chuckie sure does look mighty juicey too.points.gifFor you first chuckie and chicken.
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My helper is my 7 year old son. I think he has caught the smoking bug! He asks many good questions, and is always there when Dad needs some help.
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Holly cow....Thats awesome looking que my friend...
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I just reheated some of the chicken...OH MY!!!! Yummy!
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Now that is some tasty lookin bbq, great job points.gif
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Great Looking Grub!!!! My oldest little helper was by my side for all the prep work yesterday. It's nice to see them want to help especially since it is BBQ!
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