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Head's up westcoasters,

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SAFEWAY has whole Tritips on sale for $2.95 per pound.
Time to stock up for summer time cook outs.
Not a huge fan of SAFEWAY'S meat dept.
At less then $3.00 per. pound I think I might be able to choke a few down.icon_wink.gif
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Thats a pretty good deal. None of the local grocers here in Colorado sell tritip or I would be on top of that. I have to get it at CostCo for 3.99/lb or the local meat shops at $5.99+ /lb.
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When it comes to Tri Tip, I can can just about inhale them.
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Yeah $2.95 per pound is about half price out here in CA.
Oh I'm right with ya on chowing down a tri tip to my self.icon_mrgreen.gif
I love the stuff !
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$2.95 is not really a "deal" ---That is what tri-tips normally run. Last week they were on sale at Savmart and Food Maxx stores for $1.99. Cash and Carry Wholesale stores and Smart and Final Stores do not require membership, and are open to anyone. Tri-Tip at Cash and Carry today was $2.34 in Chico. The only thing about Cash and Carry and Smart and Final is that you must buy a whole sleeve, which is usually about 18 pounds and has 5 to 6 tri-tips.
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Ask your King soopers butcher.. They can get them in. My guy here in Thornton can anyhow.
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For you guys out there in the Norcal area. I just got the add for Raleys and Bel Air and they have Beef Rib Eye Roast Bone in for $4.47/lb. That is the cheapest I have seen in a long time. The will cut a roast into steaks for free if you want.
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I am having way too much fun smoking pork & poultry to keep up with you guys. Sometimes, I wish I had your budgets. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Our Albertsons had them for $1.99 last week and seems to run them at that price fairly often - Love me some tri tip
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