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About to throw my 2nd brisket ever in

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I've got the GOSM fired up and I'm getting ready to attempt my second brisket. I've got almost a 9 lb packer and will be pulling an all nighter to have it ready for dinner tomorrow. I rubbed it down last night, injected it and let it rest. I'm also using pecan for the first time. I'll have some qview's here in a bit. I still have to load some software on my new computer first.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I got a ton of beer, some homework and a new blue ray surrond sound system to keep me occupied tonight (as if smoking wasn't enough tongue.gif)
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Good luck on the second brisket AND the new surround system, Blu-ray is definitely worth it, such great picture and sound.
Now you just need to get one of those new 3-D tv! Saw a commercial for them the other day, isn't being human great? Cool gadgets and nobody sticks needles in us, throws spices in our faces then into a hot smoke filled room for hours and just when you think it's over...BAM! You get sprayed in the face with some kind of liquid.

Not sure where I was going with that...
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Are you moving to Italy? Good luck on drinking Beer all night and being in shape for dinner. Trust me I know.

What time are you starting your smoke tonight?

It might be lunch instead, if you plan for toooo many hours on the smoker.

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Yeah I'm moving to Italy in August. I'm in the military and got a 2 year assignment. It's already in the smoker, been in now for almost an hour. Last time I did a brisket, it was this size, I threw it in around 8 p.m. and still wasn't done by 4 p.m. the next day. I had to in the oven and crank it to get it done in time for dinner. I don't want to do that this time. I'm expecting it to be done early afternoon tomorrow, followed by a couple of hours rest in the cooler.
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Btw, that was too hilarious! My wife was even cracken up. I got to play around w/ the Planet Earth dvd that came with the system and all I can say is that I cannot go back to regular dvd's after that. It's gonna be bad enough going w/o HD for the 2 years I'm in Italy.....being that it's Italy though, I guess it's an even trade-off.
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Don't pass out and burn the brisket. hahahaPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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hmmm.....9 lbs of burnt ends, would that be a bad thing? lol I think I'll be good, got too many new toys to play with, so they'll keep me awake, probably along w/ the rest of the family too haha!
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Well, I pulled it out around 1 this afternoon and it looked and smelled great! It's resting right now and I'm getting ready to start slicing and chopping in about 30 mins. I got pics on my laptop, so after dinner I'll make sure to post the long awaited qviews.
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Well, I didn't get around to loading the pics last night, but here you go.
All trimmed, rubbed up and injected

Coming up to temp before heading to the smoker

Right after pulling from the smoker

Sliced up

And some chopped up

This brisket came out so much better then the first one, no comparison....Enjoy!
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Looks great, good job on the smoke points.gifEnjoy Italy
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Your brisket looks great but I'm sorry for it looks like you have a flat there. It will all be good thou. Now there are a few members that are already in Italy now. I did an exchange with Navy Jeramy and he's somewhere over there. I got some really good olives and olive oil too.
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I thought the same thing as well, but there was the large fat deposit that seperates the flat from the point. It weighed in at almost 9 lbs but the portion that looked like the point was very small. I've already got in contact w/ Navey Jeramy and would love to meet up w/ him when I get over there.
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I've noticed that the Select briskets I've gotten seem to have a smaller point than some of the cheaper ones. I asked if that was a characteristic of better cuts but never got any answers. The first one I got I thought was a flat only until I started trimming it.

His before pics looked like a noticeable separation towards the left of the pic.

I separated the one I did yesterday and the point was maybe 1/3 the size of the flat.
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