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Chipotle Powder

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I am planning to do my own this year but am running low and was wondering if anyone has found a good supplier - I have use Penzeys and it was too bland for me
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Try Spice Barn. I can't vouch for the chipotle, I make my own. I've been happy with them so far.
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Now there are alot of folks here that grown and grind their own around here. So hook up with them and get some peppers or go to the store and buy you some plants and try to grow them yourself. I'm gonna try but I cann't grow anythig but my belly.
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I've used the McCormick Gourmet collection Brand. It seems to be pretty good.
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did you get some of that grizzle joes chipotle
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No I did not - I did find a guy in Temecula with some rubs but he has not responded to my email - got a friend in LA checking some stores to see what he can find
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