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Ribs...PlayOff Hockey.. and Me.... QVIEW

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Well it's been a VERY busy weekend around our place...
The Winterhawks are finally in the Playoffs again... It's been 4 pain years of watching the previous owner and coaching staff systematically destroy a great and storied franchise.. New owner new coach mid-season last year was a turning point. This year we're a young team with alot of drive and it shows. We beat our I-5 rivals the Seattle Thunderbirds repeatedly for a franchise first of a 12-0 record...

Little history before I get into the BBQ and Pics... Every game the home team announcers pick 3 players that had the best performance for that game and they are awarded one of the 3 star awards much like the NHL does it for a week except this is every game. Our Booster club does a random drawing of the boosters at the game to see who gets to present the stars to the players after the game. Saturday my name got pulled.

Big Ugl(me) and Tyler Johnson from the Spokane chiefs

Me and Ryan Johansen

Me and Nino Niederreiter (Do a web search this kid is PHENOMINAL)

But enough of that on with the Lunch/Supper yesterday...
Had some friends coming over before the game yesterday so I made up some Spares, ABT's, Beer Bread, and a Peach Cobbler.

Getting all set up Sat. morning after a VERY long night at work...

All rubbed down and ready to wrap...

Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder on top Kirklands Sweet Mesquite on the bottom.

Sweet Mesquite and a Big Ron's Hint of Houston

And the other two done in Hint of Houston

Coming out and into the foil...

Just off the smoker after a glazing of my Cherry/Chipotle Sauce ( I think I finally perfected it..Man it was great)


A little Hot Italian Sausage, Spices, Onions, Cream Cheese, and Sharp Cheddar.

All stuffed up and sprinkled with a little modified Big Ron's In the House ( little bit of ground Chipotle and Smoked Paprika)

And fresh out of the smoker.. The blank spots are from the non-presentable samples for the cook...

Beer Bread mix that a friend brought back up from Az. and one of my Favorite local Ales.

All mixed up and ready to go in the oven.. I would have preferred to smoke it but I was out of room.

And the finished product..

And last but definitely not least... Desert

Peaches a little Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg

Topped with a box of Yellow Cake mixed with 12oz of 7-Up
I realised 30minutes into the bake that I forgot to drizzle it with Honey...DOH!!!

And the final result...

Up next 2 Pork Butts tomorrow...
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Wow, those spares look wonderful. How long did you foil for?
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Right around 45min
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Wow this post has it all hockey, BBQ and beer! Love it! Nice work! Those ribs have me drooling on my keyboard and I wasnt hungry but I am now. Nino is definitely going to be one to watch out for in the future, I bet he will be getting called up soon. Thanks for the Qview, points to you!points.gif
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GREAT QVIEW! stubbed my fingers on my comp screenPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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In all honesty he'll go first round draft pick this year probably be the highest any swiss player has ever been drafted.. We will hopefully have him for 2 more years since he's only 17.
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LOL Gunner. I understand the feeling, although Boise is in a different league you are always sad and proud at the same time when a player of that caliber gets the call and leaves your team to the big show. Man I love hockey, and BBQ!! Sorry for the hockey hijack.icon_redface.gif
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It's all good man.. I can talk hockey all day long and would probably put off doing a smoke to go to a game..
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Great looking ribs!!!!!!Care to share the recipe for the Cherry Chipotle Sauce?

Thanks, John
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Just beautiful Gunner69...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now that's some tasty Qview!! Ribs look outstanding, as does everything else.

And thanks for sharing the hockey pics too. I know we are all here for the Q, but I think it's great to learn a little about each other beyond the Q.

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I hope you are feeding the whole team with them ribs but the whole meal looks great and I'm glad you get to visit with the team too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I posted the recipe of the first couple of evolutions ago but changed it in the last couple so I'll toss it out there as this batch was made.

I started with a can of Cherries....

1c Ketchup
1/2c Light Brown Sugar
1/4c Honey
1 1/2 tsp Cumin
2 tsp Kosher Salt
3Tbsp dried minced onion
Apple Cider vinegar to taste maybe a couple Tbsp full
2Tbsp of Garlic
1/2tsp Thyme
4 Chipotles in Adobo
2Tbsp of the chopped fine
2Tbsp of the Adobo sauce
3/4c Water
3Tbsp Butter

Combine all in a sauce pan and simmer to reduce by 1/3.. Remove from heat and let cool.. Puree in a food processor or blender until smooth...

On a side not when using cherries like I did its best not to just dump them into the pan. Go through them by hand and make sure there are no pits in them. They are supposed to be pitted but i pulled 4 whole ones and a couple of broken pits out when I had to stop in the middle and run the sauce through a strainer because I heard them clicking around in my food processor.
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Looks great, wish I was there to help put some of that away.
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Man, great looking ribs! And awesome QView! Congrats on your Winterhawks heading to playoffs!
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More popular than Nascar!

Its amazing how the popularity of a sport fades away then comes back and becomes more popular as one ages.....but the one thing that is always around, good BBQ.

I have always been a hockey fan, and the ribs look great.

Nice Jerseys and wonderful Qview.
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DEAD GUY!!! gotta love that.. have u had the Double Dead Guy? its awesome
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Dude, I'm making your ABT's today. They look rocking!
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Great pics, I just gained a few extra pounds just looking, I'm gonna have to try your cherry- chipotle sauce sounds great, great job points.gif
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Thank you soooo much for the sauce recipe. I only recently discovered chipotles may be the best thing I ever tasted!! CANNOT wait to make this

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