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Cooking for a camping trip...

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Going camping in a few weeks and we have been put in charge of most meats...

Got up this morning and threw on 4 corned beef flats that had been soaked and then rubbed with Montreal Steak seasoning, 4 naked fatties, and 1 chuck roast. Wanted to also do a pork shoulder, but the Egg was full to the gills so that will have to wait.
Just pulled the fatties and it is all I can do not to slice into one... but the house smells awesome.
The fatties and corned beefs are for the trip - some will be diced up for hash, some will be sliced thin for sandwiches. Will do all the cutting/slicing before I vacu-seal them and toss them in the deep freeze.... pics to follow.
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Sooo, where's this campsite?icon_wink.gif

When will the food get there?biggrin.gif
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Oh boy you are going to be eating good on your trip.
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Sounds like a tasty trip

I'm gonna have to agree with dirt man here, when and where? icon_question.gif
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Sounds like you will all eat good thats for sure!

I get designated as camp chef for our Elk trips. The boys love the smoked meats I bring. I cut up the meats and add them to fried rice or what I call camp hash, and then vacuum seal. When we get back to camp at night, I just throw a bag of food into a big pot of boiling water, and 20 minutes later we have a piping hot meal of goodness. Makes it easy. No pans to clean and we burn the plates.
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Mmmmm.....Pastrami hash, one of my favorites.
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FIU is spot on about hash!
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I got my own mess kit, I'll even do dishes......
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The Qview...

Thanks guys! The trip is the first week of April... hopefully it's not going to be freezing.

The fatties after an hour and a half... These will be used for sausage gravy and or sausage and egg sandwiches.

A very full Egg - picture this with the 4 fatties around the chuckie. There are 2 flats on each grate.
I was using the spider and adjustable rig from the Ceramic Grill Store - that along with an extender allows for 3 levels of cooking.

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icon_mrgreen.gif I'm not saying anything icon_wink.gif
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