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Bologna Sausage

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Been busy refurbin some old family recipes, onea em I found is called Bologna Sausage. My understandin is, it was created ta use up leftover meats.

Basically it be:

Lean Beef
Smoked Fatty Ham
Lean Pork
White Pepper
Sea Salt
Garlic Powder
Bay Leaves
Cure #1

The original recipe didn't use no cure, it was, now get this an honest it's true, boiled fer 3 1/2 hours before it was smoked!

Well, I ain't boilin my sausage fer no 3 1/2 hours so I added in the cure an tammarraw we will smoke some up an see what we got.

Here's where were at so far:

Mixed n ready ta stuff.

Stuffed an ready fer a overnight rest in the ice box.

This smells bit more like a breakfest sausage, but I guess were gonna find out tammarraw. If it's good I'll stuff em in bigger casins cause they used ta go inta beef middles.
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Look forward to the results! Making this kind of Bologna has been on my to do list.
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I'll be looking forward to what you think of it Tip, It sure sounds good.
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Where the taste test report??
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Got a late start, still smokin!icon_mrgreen.gif
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