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Newbie Rub Question

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I have been reading the entries on rubs and have tried some of them and found 1 or 2 that I really like. However I have also read that some styles or types of rubs are appropriate for certain meats like a chicken rub, or a rib rub or a brisket rub, is there any validity to this view and if so want are the factors to consider when “building” a rub for a given meat?
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Yes and no.
You can use the same rub on everything, I have/do at times.

Beef- brisket/chucks go bold, cumin,coffee,oregano(other green stuff )and possibly a little more heat ingredients.

Tri tip-salt pepper garlic,a LITTLE rosemary, let the lean meat talk.

Pork butt/shoulder, I like sweeter stuff,milder flavors, but about the same sugar or more than i use for beef.

Pork ribs, I like sweet and heat

Chicken, ? I hate the stuff, if it was'nt for my girls, i would never cook it.

The best thing to do is just try different rubs and see what YOU like, you will get very different answers to your question, all will bee what each individual has had the best luck with.
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Yea you can call it chicken rub or rib rub and you can call it anything you like. Now I like to use old bay rub and folks look at me funny but they have been doing that for years. A rub is a rub and you can do with it what you want to.
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If you develop a sweet and spicy rub, and a herb and spice rub (no sugar), you will be covered for pretty much all occasions.
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Ya, mabe a base, then tweek it as you need it for different meats.

As I said, 1 rub covers it all for may folks, I just like to make rubs.
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The right run

Great info. I guess I understand what is being added in terms of flavor by using a rub, I want to make sure I understand the interactions of the types of rubs with different meats so I do detract from the finished product. Does this make sense?
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learn your spices and what meats they mix well with-I have a pretty extensive spice inventory and play with them alot.A good basic base rub would be salt pepper onion garlic powders paprika,than add others that go well with the meat your doing,as you get into making your own rubs your collection will grow and soon even start grinding also.hope this helps some-what.
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Bob had given you some good advise on starting out your own rub. You'll find that after awhile, most rubs have the same base ingredients. It's all good my friend.
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