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1944 field oven

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I just located a army field oven from 1944. Pics look like it may make a fine vertical smoker if I can ever get the guy to return my call. Has anyone had any experience with these? I saw one at a cookoff a year ago and have been keeping my eyes open. Says it is stainless. Looks like may have a insulation layer fro the side panel. Only pic available so not sure which is why I am trying to contact this guy.
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Cool find Rick, but it looks galvanized to me in the Pic not stainless. but pic's do lie
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Ya I was thinking the same thing. If the guy calls me back I can find out alot more. Is the outside galv. and inside stainless? Racks. those things. We will see if he wants to deal or not.
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Score! 1944 army field oven!

PDT_Armataz_01_36.gifThe guy responded and left me his number. I called this morning and if condition is as reported we have a deal! 45 minute drive after lunch and she is mine! I will take pics inside and out and post for Ideas for the build. My desire is to have a insulated vertical smoker similar to a BackWoods clone and I have ideas buzzen around my head. Mobility will be an issue as it is heavy. I thought about buying a cheap hand truck and mounting it to that or angle iron frame with piano casters at the 4 corners but will just have to see exactly what I need once I have it home.
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You should post all the parts and the oven as well.  Maybe someone will purchase it - well, if it's for sale.

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I don't if you still have the 1944 range stove. By name is Byron Vinyard, and I do living history on WWII field kitchens. What you have is a M37 field Range Stove. The stoves ran on gasoline & 40 psi air pressure. Three stoves made up a front line field kitchen. It would feed 120 to 150 men in the field.

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