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My First Ribs

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Well here is my first jab at a set of ribs. I went with Pork Spare Ribs. Pretty simple again Weber Sweet'n Tangy BBQ. I used Apple Juice for spritzing and in the wrap. I used Apple wood and 3-2-1 method. Well between the crowd of nieghbors and the family those ribs never stood a chance. Amazing how far that smell travels and the curiosity of people. Well here is your Qview. Forgot about the Johnsonville Brauts yum.

As always enjoy and get to SMOKIN. Your family is ravished.

Thanks Jim
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Looks like you did a good job. There is nothing better than having the neighbors and friends come over and drool over your Q.
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good job they look nice
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Good job there...I am craving spares now. Hell, so much snow in the drive way I'm just dying to smoke something.
Last smoke for me was around Christmas. mad.gif

Hope your neighbors enjoyed!
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