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My first Fatties with Q- view

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Started these at 6am sunday. They took right at 3 hours at 250. The first one was cheese and hashbrowns we used wrong cheese. The second one was spinach,green pepper,onion,mushrooms and provolone cheese it was great. Ready for fridge.
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Mighty fine fatty you have there.
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That's what she said icon_smile.gif

Seriously though, those look great
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nice job on yer 1st fatties!
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That is a fine pair you've got there. Proud to give you points.gif. Well earned. You were obviously awake in the bacon weaving class.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Excellent job! I bet they aren't the last ones you will make.

Tasty Qview!

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spinach seems to be a popular ingredient, raw spinach?? or did you blanch them first with something? in any case, great lookin fatties, highly addictive substances!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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These two won't be the last we are going to make. Thanks for all the good words. The spinach was raw.
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Nicely done!
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Congrats and points.gif for your first fattie.

What do you mean you used the "wrong" cheese?
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Those both look like they came out great - what was the issue with the wrong cheese in the first one? Can there really be a wrong cheese?
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Now that is a fattie! Looks great!

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The first one's cheese was to thin and kind of broke down.
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Looks great, good job. points.gif
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I bet they tasted just fine. Good job!
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Great Looking Fatties...
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