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Cold Smoked Ice Cream - Page 2

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Trout ice cream? Even I wouldn't go there...
Well maybe if there was a free beer involved
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Well it's been 2 weeks since I smoked the ice cream and I gave it a try tonight, and like cheese it did mellow out over time. And man was it good in a weird sort of way.
Now I wish I had done more.
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Heck, I could do this in Houston. I'd just have to cut a hole in the freezer door, pipe in a little smoke.................
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Wow!  I was sitting here reading and learning about cold smoking / cheeses and wondered....What if you hooked a smoke generator to a running fridge or freezer, could a person smoke ice cream? How would it taste?  Has anyone at SMF tried this? So I hit the search engine and found this thread. 

No comments in a long time so I'm left wondering if the flavor mellowed with time?

BTW - my GF thinks I'm obsessed. Gee ya think???  :hit:

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OK, just saw the rest of the threads. Glad to hear it mellowed after a couple weeks.


As a side note - Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita than anywhere else in USA Snowmobile.gif  haha, been waiting for a reason to use the snogo guy !

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