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road tested my pit /pics

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After a week of rain and nasty weather we had a nice sunny warm day so we did a road test on my pit today to see how she tows. It didn't feel like anything was behind the truck so that is a good thing. Only thing left is to install the electric brakes.
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So you wouldn't miss it if it happened to be removed from your truck on to mine? icon_rolleyes.gif

Nice rig
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That's one fine looking smoker! Looking forward to seeing it in operation.
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Nice build.

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Oh boy, is that ever perty.
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that would be a nice site going down the road!
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Be a even better sight pullin in my driveway ...nice rig and I like that the trailer looks plenty big for the total weight with gear and such.
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Great looking rig. Congratulations!
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Now thats a good looking rig you have there Ubekewl
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