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First Wild Hog w Q-View

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Today, I attempted my first Wild Hog Shoulder recently killed by my Daughter's Boyfriend. Following a good thaw, I boiled the shoulder in a saltwater mix for 15 min. I then applied Onion Salt, Ground Black Pepper, and a Rub. Throughout the smoke, I spritzed the meat w/ Apple Juice hourly and applied a basting of EVOO after 3 hours.

Using Pecan only, the shoulder smoked for precisely 6.5 hours until it reached 170 degrees. It was then removed from the Smoker, spritzed again w/ Apple Juice, and wrapped tightly in foil - where it sits now resting...

My new Firebox custom made by DirtGuy!

Straight from the 15 min. boil

Applied Onion Salt & Ground Black Pepper

Applied Rub

Fresh from the Smoker! 6.5 hours until reaching 170 degrees. Applied one last spritzing of Apple Juice and wrapped in foil.
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That looks great. Cant wait to hear how it tasted
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what does the boil do.........
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I haven't a clue! I was just told to do it...
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Looks Great!! Did you put any chickens above it while cooking? That's an AWESOME cage for the firebox!!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks amazing
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Thank you!

After 45 min. resting in foil, now sealed and in the freezer!
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That's killing me .No taste not even a crumb.I have about 120lbs of wild hog in the freezer wanting to get some idea if I should grind it or leave whole.It sure looks good.bill
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Why did you boil it ?
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Personally, I would try it without the boiling - but the end result sure looked good! Boiling doesn't do anything but reduce the flavor, I believe.
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Interesting. I, too, wondered if boiling could diminish the flavor. We'll see!
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Ok, it's rested in the freezer long enough.tongue.gif
How does it taste? icon_wink.gif It looks great!

I'm just guessing, but the boil might be a way to flush any hair, poo, grass, dirt, etc off of it "just in case". It probably also pulls out some of the "wild game" tastes.
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I'm with alot of the others here why the boiling. I have always thiught that it would take all the goodness and flavor out of the hog. ????
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i don't hunt so i am not familiar with fresh wild game. i thought maybe the boil would take out some of the gameyness.....i dunno.
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I hope it doesn't remove the wild flavor - that's what I like!
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I beileve my brother soaks his venison roasts in a salt brine to get rid of some of the gaminess, but I've never heard of boiling it...he also soaks in milk once in a while if it's an old deer that will be particularly gamey.
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I have never understood why people want to remove the wild or gamey flavor from wild game. With few exceptions that what makes wild game so good. Id do remember a mountain goat that was too strong. But venison, elk, wild hog, moose etc. taste great without trying to make them taste like grocery store beef. Just my humble opinion.

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Scott - My feelings exactly. I hope I didn't remove the wild taste because of the boil!
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