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Early Fat Tuesday

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Well, actually fattie Wednesday....

I was inspired by Ozziebbq to do a chicken fattie. He had done wone with ground chicken. This reminded me of an oven dish I had done years ago.

Instead of ground chicken, I put chicken breasts in a bag and beat them until they were flat and flimsy. I then did a standard bacon weave and placed the breasts on the weave along with some filling. My wife and I couldn't decide what kind to make so we made a few. I just put them on the smoker.

1. Mexican-chicken fattie: stuffed with green chillies, salsa, and pepper jack cheese

2. Itialian-chicken fattie: stuffed with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

3. Swiss-chicken fattie: stuffed with ham and swiss cheese.

4. Traditional sausage fattie.

We'll see how they turn out.
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Sounds good, but never happened until the Q VIEW is up!
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They all sound good but I don't see good. Where's the Qview.
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I'll try and grab one before they're gone.
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They all look great cant wait to see the finished product
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Everything was quite delicious. I liked the mexican and itialian versions best. As promised, here's some pics:

Top: sausage/cheddar
Bottom: mexican-chicken

Top: swiss-chicken
Bottom: italian-chicken

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Wow. Nice presentation! Love the platter and the angled placement.
Those look very good. I have too much chicken breast in the freezer. I will be making myself one of these fatties soon!

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Those all look and sound great. I really like the sounds of the ham and swiss. Kind of like a chicken cordon bleu. Very nice.

points.giffor the effort and the experimentation.
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They Look Delicious... Nice Job...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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WOW!!! Those look great. The Doc put me on diet today. Chicken fattie may be a good compromise. At least that is what I'm gonna keep teling myself.

Well done.icon_smile.gif
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