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Ribs from OZ!

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Hi guys, thought i'd share my latest smoke with you all.

Have been having a really hard time getting baby back ribs here in brisbane, however i finally found some the other day and had my first smoke with them last night. I've also been tweaking my technique each time and think its almost there!

So heres the pics! i sauced one set and left the other with just the rub and both were great. We dont have as much meat on them here as you guys get over there but they really tasted great.


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Dang!!! that just made me wanna smoke some ribs tonite!!!
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Great job Dave!
Love the look of the ones with just the rub, looks like a tasty bark!
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Points to you my friend..points.gifGood to hear that you are tweaking your Smokes to get it to where you want it. Ribs look great! What did you eat them with?
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Those look delicious!!
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Looks like you're gettin it to me, Dave.
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Those ribs look dang good to me. I wouldn't mind having a few myself. Nice Qview.
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Meat feast!

Ate them with chicken wings but forgot to take any pics :( they were great too however! it was a meat feast dinner!

Thanks for all your compliments guys!
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Those turned out great. Congrats on a great smoke
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They look great!
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I see why you have a hard time fining them in Oz cause if they came out looking like your I would buy all they had too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great, wish I was there to help put some of that away.points.gif
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