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Can you cure pork too long?

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I'm using a Polish recipe for Polska kielbasa wedzona. It calls for curing the cubed pork for 48 hours. What happens if I cure it longer? Say..96 hours for instance? What happens? Is it bad or good or neither?

Any input is appreciated.
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I "believe" that curing is a chemical change that occurs in the meat. Once it has happened, it is done. It doesn't continue. Other processes can continue with time, enzyme breakdown with dry aging for example, but not curing. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, I'm at work and no access to resources.
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At some point you lose the advantage of the cure- when all of the nitrates/ites have been converted. 96 hours is no where near long enough, as long as the correct amount has been used in the process, and curing temps have been maintained. Talking weeks-
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As long as you are using tender quick or prague#1 you are fine with leaving the cure for another couple of days.
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Make sure to do a fry test if it was that long. You might want to soak it in water to get some of the salt for safety I agree with everyone else here.
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