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Turkey's on

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Smoking a 13# turkey today. Smoker temps are 235-245. It's been on for about 2 hrs. and breast temps are at 104. This is my first turkey and just checking with you folks to see if this a decent progression temp-wise.
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Sounds about right.
Poultry generally doesn't take very long compared to a lot of other meats and rarely has a stall, though it has been known to happen.
A turkey can take you anywhere from 3-5 or 6 hours depending but after 2 hours 104 sounds good.
If you can you might want to crank the temp up to 275-300 towards the end, otherwise the skin may not get as crisp as you would like.
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Thanks for the reassurance Fire. Been about 3.5 hrs. and temp is up to 138. It's looking great. I've been taking pics throughout process and will post when finished.
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