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got smoke a rolling

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i got first coat of paint on uds at 7 am at 5 pm i scored,applied mustard and brown sugar to a 4 lb bologna chub and like doc holliday told wyatt earp, we are rolling. i will post pics as soon as i figure this thing out. happy new year yall. fill the neighborhood with hickory smoke not firework smoke. yee haaPDT_Armataz_01_12.gifdj
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Sounds great man...We need to get together one weekend sonce we are so close together.....
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do you deer hunt?got a place to deer hunt?
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Love to hunt but dont have a place this year.....
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well u cant be all bad living close to milledgeville. i put no 8 on ground wed. still hanging by uds. i hunt a lot of little and tn
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got bologna off smoker. 4 hrs at 180.heavy smoke,mustard,brown sugar and a splash of homemade applejack in pyrex bowl. adjustable slicing knife and i call it jacks sweet and smokey 4 hr bologna.yall stop by and get some hillbilly caviar. gone huntin at 5 am. happy 2010!!!!!!!!!!
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even though temps can be controlled for summer sausage,i have an extension cord issue. its 20 yards to the shed and the cord is getting warm at the outlet in the house.yea i know,the shed needs hardwiring. we use this cord for lights only most of the time. its a big diameter cord but not big enough if its warming up inside house. the smoker was the only thing plugged into it also.i had to keep a close eye on this for 4 hrs.wont try it again till i have the prpblem solved.
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Yeah, you need at a min. a 12 ga. cord, maybe more for that distance. You are getting a lot of draw and loosing a lot of juice, not to mention the safety factor.
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