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Ham smoking help

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I want to smoke a 10# ham butt portion on New Year's Day. It is not precooked or glazed & is not a fresh ham. The label says to cook it, I assume in an oven, to an internal temp of 160 deg. @17-20 min/lb. I'll use my horizontal offset smoker. Should the smoking temp be around 225 deg. & if so, for how long per pound? I plan to use Jeff's mustard & rub during the smoking phase & add his sauce during the last 30 minutes. As you can see, I need some Thanks

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No temp listed on the package? Remember a smoker is pretty much just an oven with the option of adding smoke. If you can make it in an oven, you can make it in a smoker.

Anyhow.......personally, I would run my heat up to about 300 and would guesstimate around 20-25 minutes per pound.

I am sure someone will come along that has this sort of thing dialed in, but if not, hope this helps.
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Ham smoking help

Joe, I forgot to mention that the label did indicate a cooking temp or 325 deg. I was just wondering how this translated to cooking in the smoker. I don't want to cook at too high a temp & take the risk of burning the outside before the inside is up to correct temp.

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I'd run the temps on up there then unless your smoker can't/won't hold that temp. A lower temp won't hurt it any, but there isn't much to gain by going lower.

If the outside does start to get darker than you wanted it to, just wrap it in foil for protection once it gets to the desired color.
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225-250˚ should be a suitable temperature for a slow smoke. However, if it were me, I would rely on a digital thermometer to monitor the smoke box temp. as well as the internal temp. of the ham itself. Label times are OK as a loose guide but the digital will be more reliable.

Good Luck, John
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I had a 12lb double smoked whole ham to cook for Christmas. I put it on the smoker at a low temp (140 to 160) for about 5 hours with chunks of maple no rub or glaze or anything. Then I put it in an electric roaster at 300 until it read 160. It took about an hour and a half. The carryover took it to 168 before it started to cool down, but it did not cause it to dry out at all. I cooled it and sliced it cold for a buffet style meal and EVERYONE wanted to take some home. The only problem was there were no leftovers, and I kept the bone for some split pea soup.
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