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Looking to insulation the inside have new masterbuilt xl. Going to screw sheeting inside. Need ideas thank loppy
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I want to insulate my firebox (maybe smoke chamber,too,depending on cost and looks) and Kaowool sounds good. How do I attach it on the inside of the firebox? If it is by using screws and washers , please tell me what type screw and what material.Also, can it be applied on the EXTERIOR of the firebox? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Thank you for sharing your knowledge!    

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Turning a fridge into a smoker, removed old insulation having trouble locating Roxul, Home Depot and LOWE'S both don't stock and want me to buy a pallet, any other type suggestions
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can you use this insulation on the inside of a smoker?

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Deatony, I don't see why it wouldn't work. However I don't think it's gonna work the way you want. I'd go minimum 1" thick. Can you give more info on what your doing and pics?
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Is any of this insulation material actually safe to be used inside of a smoker?  While it's able to withstand high temp it may still produce a toxic vapor or begin to flake fibers on your food.

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Also curious on the possibility of off gassing at lower temps.
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