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First attempt at Q-view with Turkey and Pheasants

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You could imagine my excitement working through the ins and outs of Photobucket. With my new found enthusiasm I Smoked a turkey and some pheasants in my UDS and wanted to share the results with some Q-view.

Well.................Disaster struck!..............I can't catch a break.

As I was removing the turkey from my UDS the rack collapsed and the bird fell smack dab into my charcoal basket. You could imagine what followed......cursing........panic........and some quick reaction on my part. Flipped the drum over and rescued the turkey from its fiery hell. Poor thing....didn't have a chance.

Poor unsuspecting thing with his pheasant pals.

Preparing the ammunition

Everyone into the pool!

Pheasants no worse for wear after two hours.

I'm Hit!!!!!...................What a disaster...................Looks like some HoBo with tattered clothes!

Well anyway at least I have learned how to post Q-view!
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Man that sounds terrible!!!!!!!!! Did you save it?????????? How about the pheasents?????
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sorry to hear that it went wrong, if you not hurt yourself (important)

the Q view,you have mastered is ok
they are the right size
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I'm OK......Tom's not doing so well........and, well, pride is a bit frazzled. Q-view is great though!

Merry Christmas, John
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Well Atleast you didn't have to do CPR and mouth to mouth on them so not all is lost. but they really don't look to bad at all. You atleast learned how to post and thats good thing for us out here in drooly land. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWe always say you learn by eating your mistakes. Well atlaest your arn'e that bad I have to eat some pretty dark looking meat for sure.
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Dang! Laughing with you on this one, Bandcollector. I've done that before in my barrel - when I do, I don't even wipe off the charcoal - it becomes "caveman food"!

Actually read a food review in a magazine while flying one time - some high dollar chef back East actually grills T-Bones that way, throws them right on the coals, hence the "Cave Man" technique.
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lol..this same thing happened to me once on my old charcoal ECB. I lost a whole grate full of country ribs in the water pan.
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It happens an when it does, ya look round, anybody see that? No? Reach in real quick an grab it, pull it out an brush it off a bit. Start whistlin an nobody knows nothin!icon_mrgreen.gif

Call it added seasonin!

All still looks tastey.
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Looks good to me yet !

Next time, ya gotta grab it on the first hop.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Should have seen me........... spitting, cussing, upside down in the smoker, singed my eyebrows, until I realized that the bird wasn't going to be lifted out of the, I dumped the whole thing on the driveway and salvaged the bird..........a little washing off and into the oven to finish it off.

Merry Christmas everyone, John
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Bummer....I had a phone call once and left door open on my WSM for 20 minutes and burned up 4 racks of BB....
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Dang Sorry to hear about it. At least you salvaged the bird...
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