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Kitchenaid Sausage Stuffer bites.....

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First sausage ground and stuffed.
KA Grinder worked Great.

Stuffer was a different story. Took forever to stuff about 7 lbs.
The pusher handle thing just mushed the meat around and made very little progress.
I tried puting the meat into the freezer when it got warmer, but it didn't help. Took about 2 hrs to stuff the 7 lbs, even with my wifes help.

I immediately ordered an LEM 5# Stainless stuffer off the web.
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LOL. Don't feel bad. A few of us started with the KA mixer/stuffer. Its a good unit for sure, but its really not made for any serious stuffing. You made a good choice on getting a dedicated stuffer. KA works good for grinding meat, but if you start making more and more sausage or even start grinding your own beef, you will want to look into a dedicated grinder as well. I just picked up a 15# stuffer last nite at Gander and can't wait to use it.
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I believe that if you do a little research on the site you will find several threads which basically members say what you said, they are great for grinding poor for stuffing...

I think that you made a wise decision getting a separate stuffer. What did you have to pay? Grizzly sells one that is the same stuffer for $69.99, I have thought about getting one but haven't done so yet...
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Yeah, stuffing with any grinder is an excercise in futility. I did it for about 15 years though. Stuck mostly with large casing sized sausages, and cussed my way through the smaller stuff. Now that I have a large, dedicated stuffer, I have a new desire to make different things. In any case you are on the road and it will be an addictive, but rewarding hobby.
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Thanks to meat hunter I scored a 15lb at Gander earlier today. I was going to get the 5 lb version like the one at grizzly but it had Nylon Gears.

I think the LEM 5 lb has steel gears, at least my bro in-laws does, but its few years old.

If you do a search on Ebay you will find someone selling "broke or missing pieces" stuffers and alot of them have broken gears.

I know that there are a bunch of folks that have this style with good luck.

I think like any good tool, if you take care of it, it will take care of you.

Just my 2 cents.
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I saw that. Looked at the different posts, but wanted the metal gears in the LEM. So, I got the LEM off Amazon, I was in a rush, so didn't shop around. (My wife was pretty pissed with the KA, so it was an easy sell to get the LEM.)
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The Grizzly gears can be replaced with the metal gears from the LEM...
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That is the best time to do some shopping PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The stuffer will solve your problem, but if you are going to stuff with the grinder, I suggest you grind once and stuff as you go. The second grind is the tough frustrating part.
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Man......... glad I read this post, was thinking about a stuffer on our KA.
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