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First Venison Summer in the Mod'd Smoker with Q-view

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After the GOSM was modded into a sausage making machine, we smoked some Vension Summer...20 lbs to be exact. The Smoker performed like a champ!

Here's the details...sorry no Q-view of the prep...a beer in one hand and the stuffer handle in the other, no hands left to take pictures.icon_smile.gif

16 lbs. venison trim
4 lbs. pork trim
LEM Summer Sausage Seasoning/Cure
Stuffed into 1 lb. Collagen Casings
Sat overnight in the fridge.
Dried at 130 deg. for one hour.
Smoked with a heavy hickory smudge for 4 hours at 130 deg.
Raised temp to 160 deg. until internal of 152 deg. was obtained.

Q-view of the sausage in the smoker...

The sausage came out perfect...great color, and good flavor. Next time we will be experimenting with some more pepper, garlic, and mustard to take it up a notch. The LEM seasonings aren't bland, just 'generic' and we'd like our sausage to be unique.

For our experiment, we are going to do 20 lbs in 1 lb sticks again, and make 4 sticks of each kind. We will be using a simple base seasoning/cure kit again and enhancing each of the 5 batches with different additional seasonings. At the end of the day, whichever one or one's we like best will be our future sausage recipes.
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Sausages look mighty tasty. There is nothing like venison, thats for sure. Waiting to do mine, but too many things going on right now with the corn harvest. 2 more weeks, maybe.....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Meat, are you still harvesting corn???? I thought you'd be harvesting icon_mrgreen.gif
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LOL. Yup, about another 800 acres to go. And yeah, the snow harvest is going full steam LOL.
Winter, I love itmad.gif.
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I have also been bitten by this sausage bug. I have also an older GOSM I would like t convert (like you) to a sausage machine. Now all I have to do is get the hgot plates and we will be in bussiness. Yours all looks great from th smoker to the sausage too.points.gifTo you for sure on the smoke and the sauasge. Great job
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How long did this second part take?

Good looking sausage, BTW. I've concluded the one pound casings are the perfect size.
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I cant wait to give summer sausage a try they sure look tastey.
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Check out Harbor Freight for the hotplates. 9.99 and they are all metal and 1000 watts.
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I agree, the 1 lb casings are perfect. They smoke a bit quicker and are the perfect size for a meal of summer sausage sandwiches or for a Packer party.icon_smile.gif

I think the second part took about 5-6 hours, but I don't have my notes in front of me. All in all it ended up being about a 12 hour smoke.
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