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Everett and Jones BBQ sauce exchange

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Would love to try some local/regional sauces rubs from other parts of the country. I've had several from the memphis area.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and my current favorite bottle sauce is Everett and Jones. They are a family owned bbq joint in emeryville/Oakland area, with a newer fancier site in Jack London Square in Oakland.

It's the ONLY bbq place in the Bay Area that I've found so far that I truly enjoy.

The sauce is really good, tangy, with a pretty big hit of smoke flavor.

Anybody interested in trading a sauce (or rub) from your region, just let me know, i'll ship a jar or two or three out right away biggrin.gif
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Do you like the Everett & Jones Hot---or the regular?

Harry Stewart at "Great American BBQ" in Alameda has a sauce that I enjoy. PM me your address and I will send you some J. LeeRoys from Oroville and some Cowboy BBQ from Live Oak, CA.

Leonard Sanders
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I can get BJ's BBQ Sauce from Reno. Good stuff. PM me if interested.
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I've actually not had the hot. While I really enjoy hot foods, I haven't actually bought a hot sauce yet...
Usually I use homemade sauces and rubs. But E&J is my go to when I just dont feel like standing over the stove.

I'll PM you guys shortly and we can setup an exchange :) I love new stuf!!
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Hillbilly, have you tried Gorilla BBQ in Pacifica? It'll be quite a haul for you but the pork is rediculous. I accidentally tried their hot bbq sauce one time then found out later it had Dave's Insanity in it. Did not like. Their regular sauce is sweet but the hickory(?) smoked meat doesn't need it.
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If I recall, that's the place in the railroad car. It was on diners dives and drive ins. I've heard mixed reviews. Some great, some not so great. I plan on gettin down there, next time we head over there.
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