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My first pork loins

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Did my first pork loins last week. Finally getting a chance to post. With two kids and starting a new business I seem to run out of time quite often during the day.

Rubbed with a little rosemary evoo and Lucille's BBQ Rub. Then wrapped in bacon.

Came out great. Nice and moist. Had great sammies all week and even dinner several nights for us. Kids loved it.

I got a little smoke ring in my MES. Used the trick I saw on here to put little chunks of charcoal in with the wood chips.

Wrapped and ready:

In the smoker:

Little smoke ring:

Also did some ABT's and some kelbasa for some snacks (as well as the chicken which is on another thread):

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Teeroy, everything looks great! Nice qviews. I also did a loin today (no pics) I made a white bbq sauce and the wife said it was the best she has had. It was great.
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Now that is one fine looking loin there Teeroy. I like the smoke ring and it looks really juicet. I have had that problem with the loin dring out bbut the bacon really works wonders. What temo did you take it too I take it to about 155 or so.
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Hmmmm....white bbq sauce, never tried it.
Read about it, have a few recipes but I'm afraid of it, mayo based BBQ sauce, guess it's no weirder than ham and pineapple on a pizza.

Pork loins looked great, nice and juicy inside and that pretty pink ring, great job!
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Great lookin loins!

Teeroy, great looking loin! I have not done one yet but plan on it soon. Can you tell me what does the bacon do to the flavor of the loin roast. Oven roasted pork roast has always been one of my favorites... with a little hot stone ground mustard. But wonder what the bacon would do?
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I honestly couldn't detect any flavor from the bacon. I've read on here that it helps keep it moist and these were definitely moist.

I took the pork loin out at 159. Figured I'd take it a little longer than 155 since I have a couple little ones so we like to cook our pork and chicken a little longer.
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Very impressive.That is getting after it..........Keep up the good work my friend...........points.gif
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Looks nice and moist.
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