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I don't have a spigot on my pot, but I do have one of these:
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I have decided to Fry 3 turkeys Saturday along with smoking soem ribs and such..ive seen questions aske on frying turkeys a few times so I will put together a good post on it with some good q-view.......To be continued
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awesome! cant wait to see them
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i'm with ron.....i guess i'm a cheap bastid as well but that bird gets homer!

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turkey hot tub

i always smoke mine before frying it completly dries the outside of the bird and there is no boil over when you put it just have to be careful of over cooking because it also seriously cuts down on the frying time....also if you filter the oil good and keep it in a cool place it will last a very long time i can get a good 6 or 7 fries from a jug of oil
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Cooking a $10 bird in $30 worth of oil doesn't make a lot of sense (neither does taking a $1,200 shotgun and shooting an $8 duck).

You can reuse the oil (you think Mickey D's throws their oil out after every batch?).

I've fried a dozen or more turkeys on the same batch of oil before tossing it. It was getting a little murky, but tasted great.

They sell filters and such, but I find if you simply don't put stuff on your bird before frying (inject and season the bird immediately after frying) and don't get the oil too'll be fine.

I suspect you're asking..."who needs/wants to fry 10 turkeys?" Trust me. You start talking about frying turkeys and folks will come out of the wood work. Makes for a great Wednesday before Thanksgiving get together. Just get the word out and folks will be glad to chip in for oil (I think I ended up with about 20 beers and 3 or 4 half-full bottles of wine and whiskey, and a couple nice cigars not to mention the cash folks kept stuffing into my pockets...which almost made up for what I lost at the poker table that night).

Regarding fryers, I'm with BBQFANS. I now own at least 2 el-cheapo fryers and they work just fine. Get the basket so you can fry and boil other stuff (chickens, turkey breasts, chicken wings, fish, etc.) otherwise it's a uni-tasker that'll only get used for turkeys.

Kill your fire before you lower the turkey into the oil. Let it do it's thing for a minute or so and then re-fire it.
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I have this one, and have been very pleased. I have fried two turkeys so far and done several low country boils.
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