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First attempt at Ribs...with a side of venison

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Just put some pork ribs and deer tenderloin in the really new to smoking so i hope it turns are some preperation pics:

Rub on ribs was Famous Daves Rib rub

The 2 big tenerloins have the same rub with some kosher salt

1 small loin is just salt and fresh cracked pepper

1 small loin with kosher salt, pepper and fresh minced garlic


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Looking good slim !!!
Are you wrapping some bacon around the loins?
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i didnt plan on it....would it be ok to throw some on them after they have been in the smoker for a bit.....getting ready to hit the 2hr mark
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Bacon makes everything better. It will help to keep the loin moist. Everything looks good so far.
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It will help, venison is lean and do not want to see it dry out on you. Also, if the loins are not allready, I would have them under the ribs to catch some pork drippings.

The meat looks great and looking forward to hearing your outcome !!!
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If I were youI would wrap some bacon around thous loins because it awful hrd to put moisture back into them once their smoked. The rub sounds good it such let the veison and ribs shine though. You are off to a good start so keep up to speed and keep the Q coming.
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Better wrap them up, I ruined a couple of venison loins. They dried right up even though I sprayed them several times. Looks good though.
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i am waiting on the wife to get home with the bacon now....they are under the ribs and im spritzing them....they have been in for 2 it too late to wrap them.....
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never too later for bacon.
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cool....Thanks for all The help guys....
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Appears to be a great start...
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Well the meat is done and gone.....i wasnt inpressed....the venison was dry but had a good flavor....ribs were a lilttle too tough for me but everything is gone so i guess my guests arent as picky as me......

i did the 3-2-1 method.......i hope i did it right....3hrs in smoker....2hrs in smoker wrapped in foil, 1 hour unwrapped in smoker....correct?

heres the only pics i got before the hounds dug in.....

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It looks great, nice pull back on the ribs !!!

On the venison loin, another thing I like to do is soak in milk or buttermilk an hour to an hour and half before smoking. This removes blood (gamey taste) and helps with moisture while smoking.

From your pics and how you say no meat is leftover i would say you had success, congrats !!!
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Looks great. Did you spray the ribs every hour? If not that would help with them being a bit more moist.
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That would be why you are called slim !!!
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I spritzed with apple juice every hour and also put some in the foil wrap....loins were soaked in a salt water and vineger mix over night.....i like the gamey taste...My lovely wife wrapped me a half rack up and hid them in the fridge.....they were twice as good today....i love her
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Looks pretty good slim.
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