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Flank Steak?

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I was wondering if anyone has smoked a flank steak. It's a fairly tough cut of meat. My wife and I have done Marinated Flank Steak on the grill, and it came out pretty good. We marinate it overnight in vacuum bags and then grill it to rare-m.rare. Does anyone here have experience smoking one? Is that a worthwhile option? Just curious.
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I've smoked flank steak before and it was worth the added flavor. Flank steak can have different names by region. Some folks know it as hanger steak, although it is usually grilled, it can have a great taste from smoking it. I would use the same marinade process and you mentioned, then smoke it low & slow.
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Never smoked a flank but grilled hundreds and can say not one of them was ever even considered "tough". As long as you don't overcook and slice it properly it should be very tender. Actually hanger steak is a totally different cut of meat that comes from around the diaphram (hanger=hanging from the diaphram), sometimes it is known as skirt steak.
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LLMc I'll post my Flank steak smoke for ya...

Here you go Bud...
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I have always grilled mine after a long marinade. I have heard of it here before but have never tried it. I already have a list of to try as long as a good rack of ribs.
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