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Which one should I smoke?

Poll Results: Which should I buy?

Poll expired: Sep 20, 2009  
  • 73% (14)
    Sirloin Tip Roast ($2.98 @ LB.)
  • 26% (5)
    Bottom Round Roast ($3.99 @ LB.)
  • 0% (0)
    No real difference
19 Total Votes  
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I was hoping to make a poll. Can we no longer do that?

At any rate.

1. Sirloin Tip Roast ($2.98 @ LB.)

2. Bottom Round Roast ($3.99 @ LB.)

3. No real difference

Let me know what you would buy?
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I only have done a couple of roast and both of them were the sirloin tip roast and they both were larger then I have seen 11 and 12 lbs. They smoked really well pretty fast to but the outcome was really really good we would eat it for dinner and then I would slice the rest for sandwiches and now we have a bunch of sliced roast beef. So oit's cheaper for you and it's good you you too. thats my pennies
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flash - here's my opinion on the matter; take it for what it's worth:

to me, smoking and barbecue is about taking the cheapest, toughest piece of meat available and turning it into tender, juicy, flavorful stuff that will make a puppy pull a freight train ~

with that in mind, i say get a brisket or a chuck roast, but since those aren't one of the choices, try sirloin.
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$3.99lb for bottom round, ouch.
If I had to decide on the two I would have to say tip roast, mostly because of price between the two and to me the bottom round seems kind of pricey, but if even price then I suppose I would choose the sirloin tip roast anyway.
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Wouldn't the round be a good cut for jerky, being lean and fairly easily seperated muscle groups? I'm just thinking about future snack making, probably because I'm doing some right now

Anyway I try to look for stuff on sale and stock up on whatever it is. I'll figure out later what I want to do with it, or what it would be better suited for instead of a different the $3.99/lb ribeyes my wife scored on a couple days ago...didn't take me long to figure out what to do with them bad boys!

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Yeah $3.99 lb for bottom round is OUCH! The sirloin will definently make better sammies. The bottom round works great for jerky. If you like your jerky chewier and to last longer,then slice it with the grain.
If you like it easier to chew and not so stringy, then slice it against the grain. sirloin tip can be used for jerky but it has more seams in the muscles which ends up getting trimmed off.
good luck'
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Yeah, Bottom Round Roast is not on sale, but local. The Sirloin Roast is on sale, but 20 miles, one way, out of town.
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I am a sirloin tip fan.Love the sandwiches in the gravy next day...
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I find the sirloin tip roast is a more tender cut personally. I doing sliced for sandwiches definitely the sirloin tip
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Flash poll's seem to be working. I added one to this thread.
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Someone turned it into one. Not me. Piney, you have anything to do with this?
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Oh, forgot. Found a nice Sirloin Roast at the local Wal-Mart for $2.98 @ Lb. I'll give it a try and Sunday.
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I've got a sirloin roast a little under 5lbs.....what am I looking at for time to get to 135?
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I am querying that on another thread right now. Mine is 6.85 LBs.
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