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spare ribs for $1.59 in omaha

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the freezer is full. the checking account is not. but i am happy.

No Frills supermarkets here in omaha have spare ribs (full, not st louis cut) in the cryo pack for $1.59 that is the best price i have seen since i got my smoker.

get them while you can.
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I wonder to the difference on meat prices throughout the states, somebody must be making out. Here in SoCal, fresh untriimmed spares are going for $1.19 a pound. The price of flap meat seems to be a little more stable across the states. Maybe I was in the wrong biz?
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Here in Florida, I bought several untrimmed spare racks for $1.28/lb. last week.
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Right or at the local Smart & Final (Bay Area, CA) full spares are $1.29 per lb. They're Farmer John brand, 2 pack in cryo. I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere.
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And I was happy seeing $1.77 the other day. Thanks for the heads up.
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I'm happy when I can get them for $1.99 - you guys are killing me. Next you'll tell me you can get brisket for $0.89/lb!!
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Actually, last night at Smart & Final they were $1.29. They're now $.99. It looks like they're going fast.
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