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1030pm Brisket On

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Just put the brisket on for my first all nighter. Qview will come tomorrow. It is a 10.5lb packer, cooking with mesquite on the WSM. I plan to watch it carefully for the next 2 hours then get some shut eye. :) I was inspired by the BBQ on the Bow competition this afternoon so I stopped at the butcher on the way home and picked up this beauty.
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Got mine on at 9PM! I love doing the all nighter smokes on briskets.. Neighbors hate me by morning this time of year. Nice fall temps mean they have their windows open at night. The smell of Rubbed Brisket, beer, apple, and white oak in the air is incredible. Have a great smoke tonight and see you in the morning!
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looks great. haha my neighbor caught me checking mine this morning and told me he couldn't get to sleep because all he could smell was my smoker
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They were all out of packers and I wasn't going to buy one of those trimmed up $4.99lb ones so today is a day for pork instead PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Makes me glad to have nothing but family as neighbors, and they sure won't complain.
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The neighbors probably gained 10# during the night because they kept waking up hungry and raiding the fridge... LOL
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he wasn't complaining he was hinting
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Mine will be hanging aroung the back fence looking for an invite about supper time.. About Midnight last night the couple behind me was hollaring "Smells awfully good. Smoking Brisket?" I just raise my beer and nod. I just love torturing them. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

How we looking this morning Austin? Mine is on the 2nd plateau about 167 degree's.
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sounds great guys-when it cools off here I plan on another all nighter
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I had to pull an alnighter myself with a 11lb fresh ham on saturday and it was all right. I had Tmetal and Rivet for most of the night. It was a good smoke so mine came out great the whole place loved it. I hope yours comes out fine and you'll have to watch that neighbor and just invite him over. then you'l mite recuit some help on the next one.
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Sounds great. Can't wait to see the finale.
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Well it was one of the fastest briskets I have ever cooked. It took a total of 9 hours to reach 190. I wrapped it in foil and got another couple hours of shut-eye. I am now drinking my coffee and will get up to slice it up in about 30 min. It sure did smell and look good. Nice spicy crispy to come after the slicing.

Where are yall at with yours?
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Mine seemed to be a little more done than normal when I got up this morning too. I left the temps at 200 instead of pulling it up to 225 like I normally do. Pulled my brisky out at 17.5 hours and 185 degree's. I had rivets finishing sauce and and some au jus, fresh rolls, Anaheim ABT's, and corn fresh out of the garden. We ate Gooooooooooood..
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How did it turn out? Where's the qview? smile.gif
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