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Hey Dave Get Your Preperation H And Prey For Ice Cream 30 Pounds Of Chiles Coming

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Better stock up on this Dave.

I offered to get Dave Piginit some green Chilis from here, they have them in a 30 pound bag + shipping and handling. I am saving him a lot of money this way as opposed to him ordering online as they go for about 135.00 for 25 pounds.

Just to make sure they were ok I slit the bag and they look fine. Medium hot.

I roasted 3 for a test. On the grill for a quick roast.

Nice blistering.

All done.

Rinsed and skined.

Chopped and ready to eat. They were hot for me straight but I think as an ingredient in green chili stew or other recipies they would be ok. They brought a tear to my eyes and made my nose run.icon_redface.gif

They are addictive though and the more I eat them the less effect they have on me, kinda good now. Actually while posting this I ate all 3 and the only effect now is my lips are burning. icon_redface.gif Time for another beer. They come in mild, medium, medium hot, and hot. Me, I wouldn't dare to eat the hot version.

Carol says, Dave better prey for ice cream.tongue.gif
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LMAO! That's a great find a smokin' buddy, Ron...sounds like a bit of good advice for Dave, too----------heh-heh-heh!

I buy the canned at Sam's (mild)...price is right, so I save myself the work of roasting/smoking to soften 'em up. I leave the seeds in and they're great that way.

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Lucky! I grew up in Las Cruces, and I SO miss good green chile...My family will send me some every now and again, but it gets gone pretty quick.

roast/peel it, dice fine, stew in court boullion with a little onion and green all around sauce/salsa EVER!

hadda guy at work today convinced that my pickled Thai chiles weren't all THAT hot...
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Now that Ron has seemed to become tolerant of the heat.... I may need to weight them again when they get here. They do look tasteeeeeee! I have plenty of ice cream and there are lots of ice cold creeks here in the TN mountains.

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Those do look good...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What variety are they or do you know?
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All the label says is Hatch Green Chilis.
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Hey Zopi, I grew in Las Cruces as well, I'm heading home this weekend and will be picking up 40 pounds of Sandia. Can't wait, I've been out for a while.

Ronp, one of the best ways I like green chile, especially when it's the first batch of the year, is as you're roasting the chile, grab a couple of Tortilla's, put them on the grill as well and flip them as they warm up, cut a couple of slices of your favorite cheese, I like sharp ceddar, drop them on the tortilla add the chile, roll it up and enjoy with your favorite beer. Doesn't get much better then that.
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Thanks Ron...

AZSmoke that sounds like a good idea, will have to try it on the grill...
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Man,I've not had fresh green Chiles in so longicon_mad.gif
Good score,now I'm jelous.icon_redface.gif
Could make good use of a bag of thoseicon_mrgreen.gif
Way to go RonPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lucky Dog.I started growing them because the price came out even more then you quoted.

Using my chile roaster the skinned and de-seeded always lose half there weight.I have done 85 pounds from garden this year and have 42 pounds pure meat.....HATCH are the best.
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Just remember Dave that the ice cream is not for eating it's for after you ate a bunch of those peppers it's for SITTING on. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here in Tennessee we sit in the cold creek and eat the ice cream.
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Just picked up a 30lb. bag yesterday. Gonna start roasting them up in the morning. I love them things. $25 here in Tucson. What do they run in NM?
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The Hatch Valley Chiles are typically one og the NuMex varieties...The big Jim and and a few others...

My dad went to NMSU With a man named Joe Parker...Who bred some of the first Numex peppers...

Jethro, I like your tag line...Somebody asked me who gets eaten first in the lifeboat...Duh..The vegan...
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Your Chile shipment has got ol mean Red actually in as bout a good a mood as I've seen her in... in over 100 years of marriage.... I owe you big time Ron Man.

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