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any good pork appetizer ideas?

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i have to provide appetizers for a party this weekend. should be about 25 people. i prefer to smoke pork and i am fresh out of ideas for good smoked appetizers. i was thinking about ABT's but the wife said no.

anybody have any ideas?

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get a mini muffin pan and put in a wonton wrapper fill with pp and sauce if you want then bake. Also works good with pie crust.
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Ummmm, get a new wife?!?biggrin.gif

Seriously, How about PP Nachos, Bacon enfused twice baked taters or tater skins, smoked chicken wings (so it's not pork), PP mini tacos (it's be an apetizer for me), PP sliders, Bacon Wrapped chicken gizzards, smoked PP stuffed mushrooms, PP Flat bread with Smoked cherry tomato wedges, cilantro, and creme fraiche.

I'd eat all of those.
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I like to make smoked pork eggrolls...

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WOW nice work there jeanie. You have a ton of apps you can make what about stuffed squashes their big around this household. Just take the squash and zuchinnis and hollow them out with a spoone and make a mixture of cream cheese shallets (or green onions) garlic and pp and throwm them in the smoker and you'll be the hit of the party. But I still like those egg rolls. I know get some sushi rice and throw in some pp and fries and make a sushi roll and call it "the jacka$$" I saw it on the food channel's Guy fiatie does it in his place.
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mmmmmmm. that sounds good. we may have a winner, i have oodles of squash these days.
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Was gonna say, a roll of pre-made biscuits, pressed into a muffin pan and filled with pulled pork and topped with shredded cheddar cheese is one of my favorites, but bmudd kinda beat me to the punch.
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PP Pinwheels

Roll out a puff pastry sheet brush with egg wash, put in some PP, green onions, monteray jack, and anything else you want biggrin.gif. Roll it up into a long tube, then cut into 1" rolls. Place slices on parchment paper brush the outside with egg wash, and bake at 400° for 15 minutes.

Cheesy PP goodness, with that buttery flakey puff pastry.... mmmmmm.
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After yesterday I am absolutely addicted to pork nachos. Ours was slightly food processed pulled pork with diced green onions, plenty of cilantro, melted chees and japs over chips. Yep i have a new appetiser around our house!!
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