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Smoked then baked beef Roast

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I am thinking of making a smoked version of something I saw on Guys DDD. The restaurant took roasts and "kissed" them on the flat top then baked for four hours in the oven. I am having an OU football party so I am thinking I will kiss with smoke the day before then finish in oven the next evening so it will be fresh and hot for the Sooner Fans. Any ideas?
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"Kissing" with smoke may take awhile longer than you think. Sometimes on a roast, I'll sear them and then put them right into the smoker. I'm not sure about the roast sitting overnight in the fridge after smoking it, then trying to finish it off in the oven. Good luck on your footbal party.
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From one Sooner fan to another smoke that puppy like a real man and stay away from the O$%N! biggrin.gif

What are you striving for with your roast? Pulled, sliced, MR, etc?

Depending on size I would start it early in the morning and finish it in the oven at 350 depending on what you are after. Most of the chuckies I do are in the 4-5 pnd range and could easily be finished prior to 6pm kickoff.

Go Sooners!
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I'm with Rich on the two day thing - I have cooked a lot of roasts and the only way for it to be tender seems to be low and slow and my guess is continuous so that the tissue breaks down properly
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The only thing is my lady doesn't want the house smoked up for the get together. Me? I like the smell. Maybe I will start early and let cooler/towel rest for a few. I have done this with Prime Rib with excellent results. I want to make sandwiches. Maybe a brisket would be best. I just saw on DDD where a guy bakes roast for about 3 hours and it looked really good but I want the smoke. Here is my Bison Prime Rib:
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I'm with rich, an sooner I would smoke it early unless the sooners aren't worth it(just kidding) and then put it in the cooler and if you have to heat it up in the oven but to get some smoke flavor you need to leave it in there or a couple of hours. I like the smoke smell, taste, and the time with the smoker. Now to that bison is that smoked or how was it cooked ? It looks really good itself. Smoke that puppy.
Go Gators
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Sorry, just had to put a real flag in this thread icon_mrgreen.gif
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Bison Rib Roast

Yes it was smoked then cooler for 5 hours while I waited for company. Tender Juicy YUM!
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Personally I'd smoke it to about 140 internal in the center then slice it thin and make an aujus for dipping. Might take a bit longer and be more work than the oven but the taste will be worth it
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I'm with Piney on this one, guys.^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That's the route I'd take.

Don't know about all this college kids football stuff, either. I left college many years ago and have never looked back. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

GO REDSKINS! tongue.gif
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Smoke it

CHOKE up an smoke it!
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I'll toss the hometown team into the ring!

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